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Radial Engine Powered Motorcycle

by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" on 5/10/2006
Radial engine powered motorcycle
One of our readers sent us this photo of a motorcycle powered by a 7 cylinder radial engine! We have no details of where this is from or who built it. If any of you have seen this or know more about it, please let us know. Several motorcycle builders, including Confederate, say they are using a radial engine when what they have is simply a two cylinder slice. This bike uses the whole thing! Incredible.
More info: The engine seems to be a 110hp 7 cylinder radial from Rotec Engineering. Rotec is an Australian company (Why am I not surprised when I think some Aussie did this?)
Update: Maybe not an Aussie. Maybe Jesse James. The bike was on display at the Legend of the Motorcycle: Concours d'Elegance in California this past weekend.
Update 2: A commentor below was actually the photographer for this first photo and confirms the builder as Jesse James. Photo by Neil McFarland of Santa Cruz, CA. Nice shot, Neil! He has a link in his comment to more photos.
More Photos Below:
Followed an incoming link back to the Speedzilla discussion board and found two more photos. As one commentor below indicates, he believes this is a Jesse James creation and looking at the Maltese cross on the headstock, he may be right.
Radial engine powered motorcycle
Radial engine powered motorcycle

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